Celebrating Five Years

This is an exciting year for JD Law, as the firm is celebrating its five-year anniversary. On February 5, 2013, Chris Stephan and Jennifer Cragg opened the doors to JD Law.

When it began, JD Law was composed of two lawyers, and two legal assistants. Today, JD Law has 3 lawyers, one student-at-law, and 6 legal assistants. Nine Red Deer College practicum students have been placed with JD Law and begun their careers as legal assistants at JD Law.

As the firm has grown, JD Law has maintained a focus on its clients. Chris, Jennifer and Seal make an effort to meet with each of their clients, and personally be on hand to help them through their legal matters.

There have been many things to celebrate over the past five years. JD Law has handled over 5000 real estate transactions. The firm expanded their space in 2015 when they had outgrown their office. Then in 2017, Seal Nulliah joined the firm and launched the matrimonial department. Along with the matrimonial department, a second location was opened to handle the new department.

Following five years of positive growth during a time when much of the province has struggled, JD Law is looking forward to the next five years.