Whether you’re buying or selling for the first time, or have been involved in numerous real estate transactions, we all know this can be both exciting and stressful. Our commitment is to bring about a successful real estate transaction while making your experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible. At JD Law, we specialize in real estate transactions – it’s the bulk of what we do every year, so you can be confident that we know our business. Have a look at the value for service we offer:

  • We handle residential and commercial sales and purchases.
  • We work collaboratively with your Realtor and mortgage specialist to ensure our documents reflect the interests and conditions agreed to by both parties.
  • Our specialized experience includes drafting purchase agreements and tailoring various forms to meet specific needs.
  • We are careful to look for and advise you of any potential legal risks that may arise during the transaction process, and are always looking to protect your interests at all times.

Our commitment to excellent value for outstanding service means that you are likely to save time and money by retaining our services, for many reasons, including:

  • Our fee structure is competitive and very reasonable;
  • Our turn-around time is quick and convenient; and
  • We can work with your schedule during our regular business hours… to name but a few.

We Put You in Control of Your Transaction

At JD Law, we consider ourselves a part of your team of real estate professionals, and an integral element of your successful real estate transaction. For that reason, we take time to talk with you about the entire process and identify some of the responsibilities of each member of your team – so you feel confident that you understand what’s going on at every stage of the process. We also make every effort to be pleasant and approachable, so you can feel at ease throughout the process.

Your team consists of: your Lawyer, Realtor, Mortgage Specialist, Home Inspector, and you of course! If everyone does the appropriate job, your transaction will more likely go through in a smooth and timely fashion. Here’s what you might expect from each member of your team:

Your Real Estate Lawyer …

  • Clearly outline all costs involved, and provide you with a quote for legal fees.
  • Review your purchase or sale contract to ensure you understand all provisions before you sign.
  • Ensure you understand any mortgages or other financing documents, including payout penalties.
  • Ensure you are protected against potential fraud.
  • Review title to your property and prepare all required conveyancing and mortgage documents.
  • Handle all necessary discharges from title.
  • Meet with you personally at signing to explain the elements of your transaction.
  • Handle all trust funds associated with your transaction.
  • Communicate with other lawyers involved in the transaction.
  • Register the mortgage and other necessary documents at Land Titles office.
  • Oversee the timing of keys released.
  • Pay applicable real estate commissions, as identified in your contract.

Your Real Estate Agent …

  • Write the terms of your contract.
  • Review with you any real property report produced for the transaction.
  • Send conveyancing letter and contract to your lawyer.
  • Guide you through typical procedures at closing.

How your real estate Agent can help the lawyer make your transaction successful:

  • Draft clear contractual terms
  • Clearly write any holdbacks into the contract
  • Review the Real Property Report to ensure that it is up to date.
  • Send the conveyancing letter and contract to the lawyer as quickly as possible.
  • Provide your Real Estate Agent’s contact information (for releasing keys).
  • Provide vital information about you – such as: availability, contact information, marital status.
  • Provide condominium management information to obtain the Estoppel Certificate and fee amounts.
  • Provide contact for information about applicable lake or association fees, such as: monthly amount payable, and whether they have they have been paid to date.
  • Explain property tax payment.

Your Mortgage Specialist …

  • Do a background credit check on you and your spouse, if applicable.
  • Arrange to secure a mortgage, if required.
  • Help with interim financing, as necessary.
  • Ensure that your lawyer receives mortgage instructions from the lender in a timely fashion.
  • Explain that certain financial institutions now require you to pre-qualify for assuming a mortgage.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, refinancing a mortgage, looking to buy or sell a condominium, or involved in a commercial real estate transaction, we can help.


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