The following Probate forms are required by the Alberta Surrogate Rules, to apply for a Probate Grant:

Form GA1 Grant Application
Form GA2 Inventory
Form GA3 Notice to Beneficiaries and Other Interested Parties
Form GA4 Notice to the Public Trustee
Form GA5 Affidavit of Service
Form GA7 Notice of Grant Issuing
Form GA8 Affidavit of Witness to a Will
Form GA11 Renunciation
Form GA13 Nomination
Form GA9-GA10, GA14-GA20 May also be required depending on circumstances

These Alberta Probate forms are also required to apply for a Grant of Administration (where a Will exists). The forms required for a Grant of Administration when there is no Will are slightly different.

Additionally, there are several other forms that may be required in particular circumstances.


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