Probate lawyers in Alberta may be retained for various services, which have been categorized in the Alberta Surrogate Rules as: Core Legal Services and Non-Core Legal Services.

Core Legal Services

These services are related to the administration of the Estate, and typically include the following:

  • Receiving instructions from a Personal Representative and advising the Personal Representative on all matters related to the administration of an estate – including Probate lawyer fees and Personal Representative fees.
  • Reviewing the Will and all information required for completing the Probate forms, as well as preparing the application for Grant of Probate (including all required forms for that).
  • Advising the Personal Representative to file tax returns, and confirming “clearance certificates” from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Non-Core Legal Services

From time to time, the administration of an Estate may require some additional services to be rendered (such as the sale of land or businesses), which aren’t normally carried out by the Personal Representative, and which may be undertaken by your Probate lawyer. These types of non-core services are not commonly required for the administration of most Estates, but do arise in certain circumstances.


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